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I'm Cynthia Price, a proud editor at NYCrated, a leading online magazine devoted to revealing the genuine spirit of New York City. I'm driven by my passion for unearthing the city's hidden treasures, creating engaging content that unveils the hippest dining destinations, current events, and exhilarating activities in the Big Apple. My expertise is reflected in every article I write. Be it exploring the vibrant jazz scene, guiding beer lovers to unique craft beer bars, or revealing the top steakhouses and food halls in town, I pour my knowledge into each piece. But my commitment to providing invaluable insights doesn't stop at dining and activities. I also touch on shopping, services, and other facets that make New York City an exceptional place to visit or live. I keep my finger on the pulse of the city's continuously evolving landscape, making me an essential contributor to NYCrated. I offer our readers an insider's viewpoint, assisting them in capturing the true character of the city that never sleeps.