Best Rooftop Hotels in New York City 2023

Best Rooftop Hotels in New York City

Ready for a cityscape that takes your breath away?

I still remember the first time I set foot in one of New York City’s iconic rooftop hotels. The skyline views, the vibrant energy, and that unmistakable feeling of being on top of the world!

Let me spill the beans: staying in a NYC hotel with a rooftop bar isn’t just about the sleep. It’s about sipping cocktails with skyscrapers tickling the stars, spotting the city’s landmarks from a bird’s-eye view, and making memories that last a lifetime.

Some of these gems offer luxury without breaking the bank, and others are a treat for that special occasion. I’ve got the lowdown on both!

Now, between us: have you ever imagined watching the sunset over Manhattan, cocktail in hand? Dive in with me, and discover the best rooftop hotels in the heart of New York City.

So, which of these sky-high retreats in NYC will catch your eye? 🌆🍸

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💁‍♀️ In A Hurry? My Top Picks For Best Rooftop Hotels in New York City

Best Rooftop Hotels in New York CityHotel Name
Best Value Hotel with Rooftop Bar in NYCMoxy NYC Times Square
Stylish Hotel with a Great Skyview RooftopArlo NoMad
Best Dining Experience with Rooftop AmbiancePUBLIC Hotel
Hotel with the Best Location and Rooftop VibesMoxy NYC Chelsea
Hotel with the Best Modern Design and RooftopModernHaus SoHo
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My Personal Hideaways: Unveiling NYC’s Ultimate Rooftop Hotel Retreats!

Moxy NYC Times Square

⭐️ Rating: 8.1/10 | 📍 Location: Moxy NYC Times Square, Times Square | 👉 View on

Moxy NYC Times Square is an invigorating blend of luxury and city chic, right in the heart of Manhattan. With a prime location beneath the glittering lights of Times Square, guests are treated to a captivating experience, surrounded by iconic landmarks. Revel in the cutting-edge design, spacious rain showers, and endless entertainment options. The on-site rooftop bar, Magic Hour, offers unparalleled views, while the restaurants by Tao Group promise delectable dishes. Dive into the pulsating vibes of the Big Apple, with Moxy at your side.

I checked into Moxy NYC Times Square and was immediately swept up in its vibrant atmosphere. My room was the perfect blend of trendy decor and modern amenities, making me feel right at home. The highlight? An evening at Magic Hour, the hotel’s rooftop bar. Sipping on a cocktail, with the NYC skyline as my backdrop, felt utterly surreal. Did I mention the seafood eatery, Legasea? It’s a must-try! And if you’re keen to explore, you’re in prime position – Times Square, Broadway, and Rockefeller Center are just a short stroll away. But here’s a tip: don’t skip a visit to the Blind Barber. An old-school shave or a fresh haircut, and you’re ready to take on the city! Curious to know more about my Midtown gem?

Ready to dive into the New York spirit and make some memories of your own? Moxy NYC Times Square is the place to be. Book your escape and experience the magic yourself!

The hotel is close to: Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center, Broadway, Style Room NYC Shopping Tour Experiences, and Mission Escape Games.

This hotel is an excellent choice for Urban explorers, couples on a romantic getaway, business travelers seeking a stylish retreat, and fans of avant-garde design.

Available Facilities: Free high-speed Wi-Fi, Fitness Centre, Rooftop Bar, Multiple Dining Options, In-house Barber.

Review from a Guest: “Great Place, energy and location. A special thanks to Giovanny! If you need anything he’s your guy.” – Cayo B, USA.

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Arlo NoMad

⭐️ Rating: 8.2/10 | 📍 Location: 11 E 31st St, New York City, NY | 👉 View on

Arlo NoMad
Credit: Arlo NoMad

A modern haven in the heart of New York, Arlo NoMad boasts 250 meticulously designed micro guestrooms complemented by modern furniture. Situated just a short stroll from iconic landmarks such as Madison Square Park and the Empire State Building, its in-house destinations like A.R.T. NoMad, a rooftop bar, offer unparalleled views of the city skyline. Its proximity to local attractions and thoughtful amenities ensures Arlo NoMad remains an unparalleled choice for the discerning traveler.

My stay at Arlo NoMad was the epitome of a city break done right. The moment I unpacked in my sleek micro room, I was impressed by the clever storage spaces and modern furnishings. One evening, I found myself sipping cocktails at A.R.T. NoMad, the rooftop bar. With the city lights glittering below, the view was truly mesmerizing. And, here’s a tip – if you get the chance, don’t skip out on their in-house restaurants. Their culinary delights made my dining experiences just as memorable as the skyline views. Ever walked the streets of NYC and felt its unmistakable energy? That’s the essence of Arlo NoMad. Curious about what my favorite part was? That morning yoga session – absolute bliss.

Wondering what all the hype is about? Don’t just take my word for it. Dive into the vibrant essence of NYC and discover the magic that Arlo NoMad has to offer. Every corner has a story, and I bet you’ll have your own tales to tell.

The hotel is close to: Manhattan Skyline, the Empire State Building, The Magician New York, and Escape Room Madness (5th Floor).

This hotel is an excellent choice for Urban explorers, business travelers, and couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Available Facilities: Valet parking, Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Fitness classes, Bar/lounge, and Bicycle rental.

Review from a Guest: “Amazing experience with super friendly and effective staff. This will be our first choice when we do need to stay in New York again.” – YYuuuuG, New York City, New York.

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⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 | 📍 Location: 215 Chrystie Street, New York City, NY 10002 | 👉 View on

Credit: PUBLIC Hotel

PUBLIC Hotel in New York City seamlessly merges sophistication with a touch of flamboyance. Located in the heart of the city, it stands as a beacon of style with carefully crafted rooms, catering to relaxation, work, and entertainment. The unmatched vibe, combined with top-notch service, ensures a memorable stay.

Walking into the PUBLIC Hotel, I felt like I was entering a sanctuary of chic elegance. The rooms were not just about comfort but were designed with such precision that each zone felt distinct – be it for sleep, relaxation, or work. I couldn’t get enough of the rooftop bar view, watching the city lights shimmer. The location was a dream! Right in the heart of the Lower East Side, I found myself lost in the streets, exploring trendy boutiques and vibrant eateries. And that breakfast at the hotel? Simply divine. Do you remember the last time you savored a meal while soaking in a city view?

You really must check out PUBLIC Hotel, a place where luxury meets unforgettable experiences.

Ready for an unforgettable New York City adventure? Dive into the magic of PUBLIC Hotel, where every moment is designed just for you.

The hotel is close to: St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, Economy Candy, Williamsburg Bridge, Josefinas

This hotel is an excellent choice for Urban explorers, luxury seekers, and travelers wanting a central location with a modern touch.

Available Facilities: Free High-Speed Internet, Fitness Centre with Gym, Bar/Lounge, Nightclub/DJ, Business Centre

Review from a Guest: “I loved it. Ricardo was super sweet and attentive. The food was great, and the ambiance was fantastic.” – Angie H, USA.

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Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC

⭐️ Rating: 8.4/10 | 📍 Location: 18 9th Avenue, New York City, NY 10014-1202 | 👉 View on

Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC stands as an iconic beacon in the heart of New York’s vibrant Meatpacking district. Having undergone a spectacular renovation, this luxury hotel now offers plush rooms, multi-bedroom suites, and a breathtaking Poliform Penthouse. Fusing modern design with technology, rooms feature the Lululemon Studio Mirror. Relish culinary delights from a European coffee bar to a transformed rooftop bar and restaurant. Experience the city’s cultural energy and industrial history, all while overlooking the Manhattan skyline from a heated rooftop pool.

I visited Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC and was completely blown away. The industrial-chic vibe of the Meatpacking district is captured perfectly in this hotel’s design. My mornings began with a sumptuous coffee at their European coffee bar, and by evening, I was sipping cocktails on the rooftop, gazing at Manhattan’s dazzling lights. The omakase restaurant? Simply divine. And you know, there’s something truly special about practicing yoga in front of the Lululemon Studio Mirror with the city’s hustle and bustle just outside. You need to ask, have you ever felt like you’ve discovered the heart and soul of a city in one hotel?

Book your next NYC adventure at Gansevoort Meatpacking and let the city’s rhythm enthrall you. Trust me; this isn’t just a hotel stay – it’s a quintessential New York experience waiting to be lived.

The hotel is close to The High Line, Chelsea Market, Ground Zero Museum Workshop, and Whitney Museum of American Art.

This hotel is an excellent choice for Urban explorers, luxury seekers, and food enthusiasts.

Available Facilities: Heated rooftop pool, European coffee & cocktail bar, Fitness center.

Review from a Guest: “Great location, rooftop bar & pool. A fantastic spot in the Meatpacking district with numerous restaurants and shops nearby.” – RyeNYMom2, Rye, New York.

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Hotel 50 Bowery

⭐️ Rating: 8.6/10 | 📍 Location: New York City’s Chinatown | 👉 View on

Hotel 50 Bowery
Credit: Hotel 50 Bowery

Hotel 50 Bowery, situated in the cultural melting pot of NYC’s Chinatown, is not just a place to rest – it’s an experience. As Joie de Vivre’s New York debut, this boutique gem boasts a rooftop terrace with a breathtaking Manhattan skyline view. It’s a nod to the city’s vibrant history and stands as a tribute to the myriad cultures that have converged here over centuries.

Imagine waking up in the very heart of Chinatown, feeling the pulse of the city’s oldest street, Bowery. The view from the rooftop terrace left me speechless, with Manhattan’s skyline unfurling like a living postcard. Breakfast in the bar was a gourmet affair, and the hotel’s dedication to celebrating the city’s diverse past, from General Washington’s musings at the Bull’s Head Tavern to the hopeful energy of European and Asian immigrants, added a touch of magic to my stay. Fancy a tip? Try the whiskey at the nearby Whiskey Tavern for a truly local experience. What stories will Hotel 50 Bowery inspire in you?

Why just read about it? Dive into the mesmerizing world of Hotel 50 Bowery and see New York City through a lens rich in history, luxury, and unparalleled beauty.

The hotel is close to the Museum at Eldridge Street, Studio Manhattan, the Museum of Chinese in America, and the Lower East Side.

This hotel is an excellent choice for History enthusiasts, urban explorers, luxury seekers, and cultural aficionados.

Available Facilities: Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Fitness Centre with Gym/Workout Room, Rooftop terrace, Bar/lounge, and Pet-friendly services.

Review from a Guest: “A rooftop view that’s hard to beat, with a side of New York’s rich past. A must-stay!” – Michael B, Boston, United States.

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The Knickerbocker

⭐️ Rating: 8.4/10 | 📍 Location: Times Square, New York City | 👉 View on

The Knickerbocker in New York City, a beacon of luxury and history, stands proudly at Times Square. Reopened in 2015 after a grand $250 million renovation, it boasts 330 guest rooms, including 31 suites, each blending modern luxury with classic elegance. The hotel’s rich history, dating back to 1906, and its association with icons like John D. Rockefeller and F. Scott Fitzgerald, add a unique charm. Its prime location, top-notch amenities, and stunning rooftop bar make it a coveted destination for travelers seeking the quintessence of New York luxury.

My stay at The Knickerbocker was nothing short of a dream. Each day, I woke up in my plush bed to breathtaking views of bustling Times Square. The staff’s warmth and attention to detail were impeccable, making me feel like a part of New York’s elite. Dining at Charlie Palmer at The Knick was a culinary delight, and evenings at the St. Cloud rooftop bar offered unmatched cityscape views. I still marvel at the seamless blend of modern amenities and historical grandeur. Have you ever lounged in a hotel so steeped in history yet so contemporary in comfort?

Dive into the lap of luxury at The Knickerbocker. Imagine sipping a cocktail on their rooftop bar, with the New York skyline as your backdrop. Don’t just read about it; experience the grandeur and timeless elegance that only The Knickerbocker can offer!

The hotel is close to: Broadway, Bryant Park, Times Square

This hotel is an excellent choice for Travelers seeking a luxurious and historically rich experience in the heart of New York City

Available Facilities: Rooftop bar, Fitness Center, On-site restaurant

Review from a Guest: “An unforgettable experience! The Knickerbocker not only dazzled with its luxury but also with its historical charm. Truly a gem in Times Square.” – Sarah, USA.

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Hard Rock Hotel New York

⭐️ Rating: 8.8/10 | 📍 Location: New York City, NY | 👉 View on

The Hard Rock Hotel New York is a vibrant and music-infused haven in the heart of New York City. It stands out with its rock ‘n’ roll theme, bustling location near Times Square, and a plethora of unique amenities including a rooftop bar, on-site restaurant, and fitness center. The hotel is a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and entertainment, making it an exciting choice for travelers seeking a memorable New York experience.

I recently visited the Hard Rock Hotel in New York, and it was an exhilarating experience! From the moment I entered, the music-themed decor set the stage for a unique stay. The staff was exceptionally welcoming, creating a friendly atmosphere. My room, adorned with rock memorabilia, was both comfortable and stylish. Dining at the on-site restaurant was a treat, with delicious cuisine and a vibrant ambiance. The highlight was the rooftop bar – sipping cocktails with a stunning view of the city skyline was unforgettable. Did you know they have a DJ on some nights? It’s like having a party right at your doorstep!

If you’re a music lover or just looking for a uniquely New York experience, the Hard Rock Hotel New York is a must-visit. Imagine immersing yourself in a world where every corner has a story, and every stay is an adventure. Don’t wait; dive into the rhythm of the city and make unforgettable memories at this iconic hotel.

The hotel is close to Broadway, Rockefeller Center, Times Square

This hotel is an excellent choice for Music enthusiasts, city explorers, luxury seekers

Available Facilities: Rooftop bar, Fitness Center, Pet-friendly services, Evening entertainment, High-speed Internet

Review from a Guest: “The Hard Rock Hotel New York exceeded all my expectations! From the stylish rooms to the exceptional service, everything was top-notch. The proximity to major attractions made exploring the city a breeze. A truly unforgettable stay!” – Emily, United Kingdom.

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Arlo Williamsburg

⭐️ Rating: 7.9/10 | 📍 Location: Brooklyn, NY | 👉 View on

Arlo Williamsburg stands out as a beacon of modern hospitality in Brooklyn’s vibrant heart. This hotel is a perfect fusion of contemporary comfort and artistic flair, nestled in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood. Its rooftop pool, free high-speed internet, and yoga classes make it an urban oasis. But it’s the central location, minutes from Manhattan and major NY transport hubs, that really sets it apart, offering guests a unique blend of convenience and style.

My stay at Arlo Williamsburg was like discovering a hidden gem in the urban jungle of Brooklyn. From the moment I walked in, the lively atmosphere and artsy decor captivated me. Each morning, I woke up to breathtaking city views from my soundproof room, feeling refreshed and ready to explore. The highlight? Definitely the rooftop pool – an escape within the city, where I could relax and take in the stunning skyline. The local cuisine was a delight, and the hotel’s commitment to sustainable practices made me feel good about my stay. Have you ever swum in a pool with a view of the Manhattan skyline?

Don’t just take my word for it; experience the unique blend of modern luxury and artistic charm at Arlo Williamsburg. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of Brooklyn’s cultural scene while enjoying top-notch amenities. Trust me, you won’t want to miss the chance to dive into this exceptional experience!

The hotel is close to Williamsburg Smorgasburg, Brooklyn Flea Market, Brooklyn Bowl

This hotel is an excellent choice for Trendy travelers, culture enthusiasts, and urban adventurers

Available Facilities: Rooftop pool, Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Yoga classes, Bar/Lounge, Pet-Friendly

Review from a Guest: “A hidden gem in Brooklyn’s heart! Loved the rooftop pool and the vibrant atmosphere. Great location and service.” – Emily, United Kingdom.

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The Kimberly Hotel

⭐️ Rating: 8.9/10 | 📍 Location: New York City, NY | 👉 View on

The Kimberly Hotel, a gem in New York City, offers an unparalleled boutique experience. Its traditional style, coupled with modern comforts, creates a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary luxury. Guests enjoy spacious suites, most with balconies offering city views. The hotel’s standout features include feather bed-topped mattresses, Frette linens, a 24-hour fitness center, and a prime location for exploring the city.

I recently stayed at The Kimberly Hotel and it was a delightful experience! The moment I stepped into my suite, the city views from the balcony took my breath away. It was a spacious sanctuary with a touch of old-world elegance, making it hard to leave the comfort of those feather bed-topped mattresses and luxurious Frette linens. The staff’s warmth and attentiveness added to the charm. A highlight was the rooftop bar, offering stunning city views – the perfect spot for a nightcap. Did you ever wake up in a hotel feeling like royalty? Because I sure did here!

Don’t just take my word for it, experience the allure of The Kimberly Hotel for yourself! Picture waking up in a plush, elegant suite in the heart of New York City, ready to explore all that the city offers. This hotel is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered – don’t miss out on the chance to create your own unforgettable memories.

The hotel is close to: Steve Cohen – Chamber Magic, Greenacre Pocket Park, St. Bartholomew’s Church

This hotel is an excellent choice for Couples, Families, Solo Travelers, Business Travelers

Available Facilities: Valet Parking, Fitness Center with Gym, Rooftop Bar, On-Site Restaurant, Laundry Service

Review from a Guest: “The Kimberly Hotel was a delightful surprise! Exceptional service, luxurious rooms, and a fantastic location. Truly a home away from home.” – Jane Smith, Canada.

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M Social Hotel Times Square New York

⭐️ Rating: 8.4/10 | 📍 Location: Times Square, New York City | 👉 View on

M Social Hotel Times Square New York stands out with its blend of modernity and comfort, nestled in the heart of New York City. This hotel is a serene oasis amidst the bustling cityscape, offering soundproof windows for a tranquil stay. With its contemporary design, top-notch amenities, and stunning views of the city, it provides a unique experience for travelers seeking both excitement and relaxation.

I recently stayed at M Social Hotel Times Square New York and it was an experience I’ll never forget. From the moment I entered the chic lobby, the electric atmosphere of New York was palpable. My room overlooked the vibrant Times Square, yet was remarkably quiet thanks to soundproof windows. The hotel’s restaurant and bar were stylish and inviting, perfect for enjoying the city’s buzz. What really stood out was the terrace, offering breathtaking views of the city skyline. Have you ever watched the sunset over New York from a rooftop terrace? It’s an experience that stays with you.

Don’t just take my word for it. Imagine sipping your morning coffee with Times Square as your backdrop or unwinding in a chic, modern room after a day of exploring. M Social Hotel Times Square New York is not just a hotel, it’s an experience that embodies the spirit of New York City. Why wait to feel the pulse of the city?

The hotel is close to Times Square, Broadway shows, and Central Park.

This hotel is an excellent choice for Travelers seeking a blend of excitement and comfort in New York City.

Available Facilities: Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Fitness Center with Gym, Bar/Lounge, Pet-Friendly Services, Paid Private Parking Nearby.

Review from a Guest: “Perfect location, friendly staff, and clean rooms. Amazing rooftop bar with stunning city views. Definitely coming back!” – John I, United States.

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Pod Brooklyn

⭐️ Rating: 8.3/10 | 📍 Location: Brooklyn, NY | 👉 View on

Pod Brooklyn
Credit: Pod Brooklyn

Pod Brooklyn stands out in the vibrant heart of Williamsburg, blending modernity with efficiency. This unique hotel offers a lively atmosphere and a chic, minimalist design. Its compact yet comfortable rooms are equipped with modern amenities like high-speed internet, air conditioning, and flat-screen TVs. Ideal for the urban explorer, it provides an authentic Brooklyn experience with its trendy location and innovative style.

Imagine stepping into a place where every detail screams ‘Brooklyn chic’. That’s Pod Brooklyn for you. My stay here was nothing short of amazing. The rooms, though compact, were a marvel of modern design, with every inch used thoughtfully. Waking up to the bustling energy of Williamsburg, sipping coffee from the nearby cafes, and strolling to the nearby attractions was exhilarating. The staff’s friendliness added warmth to the sleek surroundings. Did you ever think a hotel could be both cozy and trendy? Pod Brooklyn is just that!

Don’t just take my word for it, experience the unique blend of style and functionality at Pod Brooklyn. This isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to the heart of Brooklyn’s most dynamic neighborhood. See for yourself why it’s not just a hotel, but a lifestyle choice!

The hotel is close to Williamsburg, Nitehawk Cinema – Williamsburg, and Mast Brothers.

This hotel is an excellent choice for Urban explorers, young professionals, and those seeking a trendy, modern stay in Brooklyn.

Available Facilities: Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Restaurant, Bicycle rental, Fitness classes, Pet-friendly.

Review from a Guest: “A great location in Williamsburg and very well connected to Manhattan. Friendly staff and comfortable, clean rooms. Will definitely stay here again.” – Thomas M, Switzerland.

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Sanctuary Hotel New York

⭐️ Rating: 8/10 | 📍 Location: New York City, NY | 👉 View on

Sanctuary Hotel New York, a boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Manhattan’s theater district, offers an immersive Manhattan lifestyle experience. With its European-inspired hospitality, the hotel stands out with its stylish accommodations, including 111 well-appointed rooms with luxurious décor and modern amenities. Its prime location near Times Square, coupled with a rooftop terrace, fitness center, and fine dining options, makes it a sought-after destination for travelers seeking a blend of comfort, elegance, and convenience.

My stay at the Sanctuary Hotel New York was nothing short of magical. From the moment I entered, I was enveloped in an atmosphere of chic sophistication. The rooms, though cozy, exuded luxury with oversized leather headboards and crystal chandeliers, setting the perfect tone for a Manhattan getaway. But what truly made my experience unforgettable was the hotel’s incredible location – just steps away from Times Square and the buzz of Broadway! I loved starting my days with their sumptuous continental breakfast and ending them at the rooftop bar, soaking in the city lights. The staff’s warmth and attentiveness added a personal touch, making me feel right at home. Have you ever showered under a waterfall showerhead? It’s a game-changer!

Imagine waking up in the heart of Manhattan, surrounded by the city’s vibrant energy. This hotel is not just a place to stay; it’s a portal to the quintessential New York experience.

The hotel is close to Broadway, Times Square, Bryant Park, and Rockefeller Center.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Travelers seeking a luxurious, centrally located stay in New York City.

Available Facilities: Rooftop terrace, Fitness Center, Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Business Center, Nightclub/DJ.

Review from a Guest: “A calm place in the heart of the city. The friendly staff and excellent service add a real touch of class. Close to Time Square, yet offers an oasis of calm. Never has a hotel been so appropriately named.” – David C, United Kingdom.

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Park South Hotel

⭐️ Rating: 8.4/10 | 📍 Location: New York City, NY | 👉 View on

Park South Hotel in New York City is a gem in the bustling NoMad neighborhood. This elegant 1906 landmark boasts a blend of enticing social areas, serene accommodations, and exciting dining options like Roof at Park South and Sweetbriar. The hotel’s glamorous library with an onyx fireplace, sparkling chandeliers, and spa-style baths in guestrooms set a high standard for hospitality. It’s the perfect mix of unpretentious ambiance and impeccable service.

I recently stayed at Park South Hotel and it was an absolute delight! From the moment I entered, the friendly staff greeted me warmly, making me feel right at home. My room was a haven of comfort with plush bedding and a spa-style bathroom. The highlight was the rooftop bar, Roof at Park South, where I savored cocktails with breathtaking city views. The location is unbeatable, just minutes from iconic attractions. Have you ever had breakfast with a view of the Empire State Building? It’s an experience not to be missed! Every corner of the hotel exuded elegance and charm, making my stay truly memorable.

If you’re seeking a blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience in New York City, Park South Hotel is the place to be. Don’t let this unique experience pass you by – check it out and immerse yourself in the elegance and charm of this historic landmark!

The hotel is close to: Madison Square Park, Empire State Building, 28th St Subway Station.

This hotel is an excellent choice for Couples, business travelers, and anyone seeking a luxurious yet comfortable stay in the heart of New York City.

Available Facilities: Rooftop Bar, Fitness Center, Onyx Fireplace Library, Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Valet Parking.

Review from a Guest: “An amazing stay with top-notch service and unbeatable location. The rooftop views are stunning!” – John, United States.

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Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg

⭐️ Rating: 10/10 | 📍 Location: Brooklyn, NY | 👉 View on

Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg stands out with its chic, modern design in the heart of Brooklyn. This hotel not only offers exceptional service and stylish rooms but also positions itself near trendy shops, bars, and restaurants. Its lively atmosphere, especially at the lobby bar and rooftop lounge, adds to the overall experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of comfort, convenience, and contemporary flair.

My stay at Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg was nothing short of exceptional. The moment I entered, I was struck by the hotel’s modern chic ambiance. The staff, always with a smile, made me feel right at home. My room, a stylish haven, offered impeccable comfort and a stunning city view that took my breath away. The rooftop lounge was my favorite spot, perfect for evening relaxation with its vibrant atmosphere. Dining at the hotel was a culinary delight and the proximity to local eateries made exploring Brooklyn’s culinary scene a breeze. The fitness center was well-equipped, ensuring I didn’t miss out on my workout routine. Every moment here was a blend of luxury and homeliness, leaving me longing to return.

Don’t just take my word for it; experience the vibrant energy and unparalleled comfort of Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg for yourself. Immerse in the chic sophistication and discover why it’s not just a stay but an experience that will leave lasting memories.

The hotel is close to Nearby attractions including The Travel Store, Velvet Brooklyn, and TBA Brooklyn.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Travelers seeking a stylish, comfortable stay with easy access to local attractions.

Available Facilities: Rooftop bar, Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Fitness Center, Pets Allowed, Business Center.

Review from a Guest: “An unforgettable experience at Moxy Williamsburg! From the modern, comfortable rooms to the exceptional service and vibrant rooftop lounge, every moment was a delight. Highly recommended for a unique Brooklyn stay!” – Lindsay W, USA.

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MADE Hotel

⭐️ Rating: 8.5/10 | 📍 Location: New York City, NY | 👉 View on

MADE Hotel (2)
Credit: MADE Hotel

MADE Hotel in New York City is a modern urban retreat that stands out with its blend of local musical expression, panoramic city views, and luxurious accommodations. Its central location in Manhattan, coupled with trendy and charming decor, makes it a unique destination. The hotel’s amenities, including a rooftop terrace, pet-friendly policies, and allergy-free rooms, cater to a wide range of preferences, offering an exceptional New York experience.

During my stay at MADE Hotel, I was thoroughly impressed by the lively atmosphere and top-notch service. The moment I entered, I was greeted by friendly staff who made the check-in process a breeze. My room boasted a stunning city view, and the cozy, industrial-style design made it feel like a chic New York apartment. The highlight was definitely the rooftop bar – sipping a cocktail while gazing at the Manhattan skyline was an experience in itself. The hotel’s bustling lobby, filled with a mix of travelers and locals, had an infectious energy. And let’s not forget the complimentary coffee from the lobby cafe each morning – a perfect start to my day! Have you ever lounged in a boutique hotel’s lobby just to soak in the city’s vibe?

Don’t just read about it, experience the vibrancy and charm of MADE Hotel yourself! Imagine waking up to breathtaking views of Manhattan and indulging in the luxurious comforts this boutique hotel offers. This is not just a stay; it’s a New York experience waiting to be discovered.

The hotel is close to: the Empire State Building, Manhattan Skyline, The Magician New York

This hotel is an excellent choice for Travelers seeking a stylish, vibrant, and centrally-located stay in Manhattan

Available Facilities: Rooftop bar, Pet-friendly, Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Valet parking, Room service

Review from a Guest: “MADE Hotel was an absolute delight! The staff was incredibly friendly, and the rooms were chic and comfortable. The rooftop views are a must-see. Definitely coming back here on my next NYC trip!” – John B, Ireland.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Rooftop Hotels in New York City

In my travels, I’ve realized New York City’s rooftop hotels truly offer an unmatched blend of luxury and skyline views. From the heart of Times Square to the chic streets of SoHo, these oases rise above the city’s hustle, gifting breathtaking panoramas. Sipping on a cocktail, enveloped by the city’s glowing lights, I’ve created some of my most cherished memories. If NYC’s spirit is a blend of dreamy ambition and relentless energy, these rooftop retreats are its crown jewels. Dive into these havens, and let your heart be stolen just as mine was.

FAQs about Best Rooftop Hotels in New York City

Which rooftop hotel in NYC offers the best value?

In my experience, the Moxy NYC Times Square stands out. Not only does it have an incredible rooftop bar, but its location makes it an excellent value for the price.

How new are the rooftop hotels in New York City?

Many are quite contemporary. For instance, the Virgin Hotels New York City is a fairly recent addition and boasts modern amenities.

Do these hotels provide other amenities besides the rooftop bar?

Absolutely! For example, the Virgin Hotels New York City has a delightful pool. It’s not just about the views but the overall experience.

Are the rooms in the Arlo NoMad spacious?

From my visits, I found the rooms at Arlo NoMad to be clean and comfortably sized. However, it’s worth noting that some guests found the air conditioning a tad loud.

Which rooftop hotel is close to major attractions in NYC?

Moxy NYC Times Square is an ideal choice. Located in the heart of the city, it’s an easy walk or subway ride to many attractions.

Can I expect good service at these rooftop hotels?

Certainly! For instance, at the Arlo NoMad, the front desk staff was notably helpful, and at the PUBLIC Hotel, I was quite impressed with Ricardo’s attentive service.

Do these rooftop hotels offer dining options?

Yes, they do. At the PUBLIC Hotel, I recall savoring some truly delicious food. The dining experience at many of these hotels is as memorable as their views.

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