Meet the Team

I'm Cynthia Price, a proud editor at NYCrated, a leading online magazine devoted to revealing the genuine spirit of New York City. I'm driven by my passion for unearthing the city's hidden treasures, creating engaging content that unveils the hippest dining destinations, current events, and exhilarating activities in the Big Apple. My expertise is reflected in every article I write. Be it exploring the vibrant jazz scene, guiding beer lovers to unique craft beer bars, or revealing the top steakhouses and food halls in town, I pour my knowledge into each piece. But my commitment to providing invaluable insights doesn't stop at dining and activities. I also touch on shopping, services, and other facets that make New York City an exceptional place to visit or live. I keep my finger on the pulse of the city's continuously evolving landscape, making me an essential contributor to NYCrated. I offer our readers an insider's viewpoint, assisting them in capturing the true character of the city that never sleeps.
I'm Ken Smith, but most people know me as Kendrick. I'm a devoted editor and writer based in the heart of New York City. At NYCrated, I dedicate myself to revealing the coolest dining venues, up-to-the-minute events, and most exciting activities that NYC has to showcase. My sharp eye for detail and flair for storytelling allow me to guide readers through a discovery of the top pet grooming services, dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants, spas, fitness studios, and so much more. Whether you're an NYC native or a first-time visitor, my tips and recommendations are bound to elevate your experience in the city. Keep an eye out for my articles on NYCrated as I unveil the city's hidden treasures and best-kept secrets. Allow me to guide you through the vibrant culture, the thriving arts scene, and the dynamic lifestyle that New York City has to offer.
Based in New York City, my name is Margaret Jahn, an accomplished editor and writer. At NYCrated, I'm a key part of the editorial team, where I orchestrate compelling content that spans a multitude of topics, from services and shopping to health, fitness, and education. My meticulous eye for detail and passion for unveiling hidden treasures equip me to offer readers invaluable insights and suggestions for the optimal New York City experience. My articles serve as a map, guiding readers through the exploration of the city's top attractions, fashionable dining spots, and electrifying activities. I am committed to delivering accurate and dependable information, establishing myself as a reliable source for anyone aiming to discover the best that NYC has to offer.
My name is Nancy Whitney, and I serve as an editor and writer at NYCrated, a magazine dedicated to illuminating the finest aspects of New York City. My pieces span a variety of topics from food tours, Broadway performances, walking tours, street food, comedy shows, to an array of services. Through my writing, I offer valuable insights and suggestions for navigating the city's dynamic culture and uncovering its secret treasures. My expertise and commitment to accuracy make me a reliable resource for those wanting to unearth the true spirit of New York City.